How to Improve Hip and Leg Flexibility for Martial Arts

Hip and leg Flexibility

Hip & Leg Flexibility

‘Introducing Yoga for Martial Arts’ is a self-contained Yoga workout with a special emphasis on developing the attributes that are most important to grapplers, strikers, and other martial artists.

This flexibility and stretching exercises will help any martial artist, from grapplers to contact Karate guys, you will improve your mobility, hip reach and more. Some instructors believe that if you spend at least 30 minutes every day your performance and flexibility will increase. I have met many students who don’t work on their flexibility, they force their legs without a proper workout until they pull a muscle.

The focus of this section is core strength and stability, hip and leg flexibility, and balancing the development of the left and right side of your body.
The following stretching exercise is one of the ones like because you just rest while gravity does everything for you. The best part is that you stretch both legs at the same time.

Here isĀ one very effective stretching exercise routine:

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Techniques

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