How to Identify a MC DOJO

MC DOJO, learn how to Identify one

The MC DOJO…Please take a look at this video; if you are a parent this will really help you see what is wrong right away. There are many martial art studios and there are many things to keep your eyes on.¬†Look at the school, look around, is it clean and organized, look at the walls, remember first impressions are correct.

Big red flags in a Martial Art Studio, Dojo or Training Center:

  • The instructor is not well presented.
  • The instructor does not start the class on time.
  • The instructor swears “sometimes”…
  • The instructor is on Facebook while the students are training.
  • The instructor has a color belt starting the class for him and then he jumps in later to teach a technique and then leaves.
  • The gym or dojo is not clean.
  • The paint on the wall is faded, there is mold, there are spider webs…
  • Bathrooms are not clean.
  • Mirrors are not clean.
  • Changing rooms are not clean and have tons of stuff.
  • The prices are high and they ask you to pay upfront for a year or a few months.
  • Bad comments on their website, or reviews on Yelp, Google or Facebook.
  • Bad language in the class.
  • You receive “extra” charges without any reason, may be a year membership?
  • You are asked to buy all the protection gear with them only and you are overcharged.
  • No respect for higher ranks, seniors, instructors and parents.

Things you should do:

  • Compare prices.
  • Visit the school and watch a class or two.
  • Observe how the instructor teaches kids.
  • Google the instructor and see what comes up on your computer screen.
  • Do a research and learn about the martial art you are interested for your kids, don’t just enroll him without knowing what they do.

Peter A Soto is a Black Belt with more than 20 years of experience, athlete, teacher and webmaster. Based in the city of San Diego, California.

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