How to Identify a MC DOJO


MC DOJO, learn how to Identify one

The MC DOJO…Please take a look at this video; if you are a parent this will really help you see what is wrong right away. There are many martial art studios and there are many things to keep your eyes on. Look at the school, look around, is it clean and organized, look at the walls, remember first impressions are correct.

Big red flags in a Martial Art Studio, Dojo or Training Center:

  • The instructor is not well presented.
  • The instructor does not start the class on time.
  • The instructor swears “sometimes”…
  • The instructor is on Facebook while the students are training.
  • The instructor has a color belt starting the class for him and then he jumps in later to teach a technique and then leaves.
  • The gym or dojo is not clean.
  • The paint on the wall is faded, there is mold, there are spider webs…
  • Bathrooms are not clean.
  • Mirrors are not clean.
  • Changing rooms are not clean and have tons of stuff.
  • The prices are high and they ask you to pay upfront for a year or a few months.
  • Bad comments on their website, or reviews on Yelp, Google or Facebook.
  • Bad language in the class.
  • You receive “extra” charges without any reason, may be a year membership?
  • You are asked to buy all the protection gear with them only and you are overcharged.
  • No respect for higher ranks, seniors, instructors and parents.

Things you should do:

  • Compare prices.
  • Visit the school and watch a class or two.
  • Observe how the instructor teaches kids.
  • Google the instructor and see what comes up on your computer screen.
  • Do a research and learn about the martial art you are interested for your kids, don’t just enroll him without knowing what they do.

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