How to do Hugging Pendulum Self Defense Technique

Hugging Pendulum

This self-defense technique is found in the Blue Belt rank of the American Kenpo Karate system created by Ed Parker. Hugging Pendulum is a technique against a right front kick.

Hugging Pendulum step by step:

  • As the kick comes in, shuffle to your 7 o’clock while delivering a left downward block.
  • Do a left front twist stance while you check his right side while you put your right arm in front of your middle section. (hugging yourself)
  • Use your right leg to deliver a sidekick to his left leg to cancel his height.
  • Execute a  back hammer fist to his face then come back with the same arm applying a heel palm.


  • Step back with your block but check his shoulder as you step in.
  • Keep your right to cancel any move on your opponent (angle of cancellation).

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