How to Ride a Motorcycle in the Rain

How to Ride a Motorcycle in the Rain

Motorcycle in the Rain

There are some of us that love rain, but what happens if you know it will rain or if you are caught in the rain, or maybe you love your motorcycle so much you are going out no matter what. Keep in mind all motorcycles are different and they behave differently in any weather condition.

Well, here we have these recommendations for you because safety is king:

  • Make sure your rain gear is visible, not black, not dark, so drivers can see you.
  • Whenever you can find and stay on a dry line.
  • Make sure the vents on your helmet are open at all times, you would not like to see fog on a rainy weather.
  • Avoid painted lines in the rain as they become slippery with moist, water and oil.
  • Don’t drive in the middle of any lane, because there where the car waste goes, like oil.
  • Avoid Puddles at all time.
  • If you need to brake do it with caution, smoothly, not to quickly because some surfaces may not have as much traction, especially on wet surfaces.

Since you love motorcycles, here is something you will find very useful:

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