How to Juggle in Soccer

How to Juggle in Soccer

How to Juggle

Juggling, it’s not something you’re gonna do a lot in the game, but it’s a great way to practice, you can get a lot of good touches, you can do it on your own all you need is the ball. And you use your feet, your thighs, and your head. Start by using your feet, get your toe pointed, stay on your toes so you can get good movement, point your toe, lock your ankle, get your foot back down to the ground each time so you can make an adjustment and get to the next touch.

Juggling with your thighs, it’s a little bit like marching, left right, left right each time your foots going back down to the ground, make adjustments, get your thigh parallel to the ground, let the ball pop straight up about eye level.

Juggling with your head, you want to tilt your head back so that your forehead is striking the ball; your forehead is pretty flat. Stay light on your feet so that you can make adjustments, popping the ball straight up in the air and you’d want to bend the knees so you can pop that ball up in the air, moving the feet so you can go underneath the ball each time.

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