Improve your Side Kick

Improve your Side Kick

Improve your Side Kick

The Side kick with Master Chong, here he shares his knowledge with Sports and Martial Arts, thank you Master Chong. Now is time to learn from one of the greatest Taekwondo instructors. Here is what you will learn:

  • How to improve your side kick.
  • How to kick faster and safer.
  • How to get a better posture and keep your balance.
  • How to use your own belt to improve your kick.
  • Great stretching tips from a Taekwondo Black Belt.

Recommendations when executing your kick:

  1. Find your target before kicking.
  2. Lean back if you want to kick higher.
  3. Align your shoulder, elbow, hip, and knee when delivering a kick.
  4. Keep your hands up at all time.
  5. Do not bend your rear leg.

You are also required to know how to properly stretch your legs, hips, and entire body to be able to execute a safe kick. This also applies to any kick you might want to do. You need to constantly warm-up and stretch your body.

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