How to Do the Queixada in Capoeira

How to Do the Queixada in Capoeira

Now we’re going to demonstrate how to do another kick, the queixada. As I said earlier, all the kicks in Capoeira always originate from the ginga. So once again, we’re going to step back, all the way back. Make sure you have that arm out there. We always start with a good ginga. Just add the momentum, the motion. So from here we can stop. Okay. We’re going to take a step parallel, with your right foot in this case. We’re going to step in, right there, looking straight at your partner. Never look away. And kick queixada, finish back. Okay, once again, ginga, always maintaining a good motion, back, and forward. You can stop right there, if you step parallel, step in. Don’t give your back.

Always looking straight at your partner. Swing into the kick. Finish back and ginga. This time we’re not going to stop. We’re going to try to do the kick, the queixada, without stopping. And foot. Dois, queixada. Finish it back, and ginga, and foot. Uno, dos, três, queixada. Okay.

So now we’re going to demonstrate how the queixada is done with a partner, if you’re in a jogo, and usually playing the game of capoeira. Basically, you start with the ginga, and you can start applying the queixada. So I’m going to take a step back as both professores explain the queixada. Okay, so always start off with a good ginga, side, side, keeping those arms out. Maintaining a good distance is very important, and then from there, they’re going to go for the queixada. Applying all three esquivas, you see there, back and forth. Okay, you’re going to make sure you land solid, so you’re not falling apart.

We can go one more time. Uno, dos, três. We’re going to do two more. One. Excellent. And that’s great. Also, keep in mind that once you get comfortable with the queixada and the ginga, you can always really make it fun and you can create new movements, so you can find new ways of doing the esquivas, different way of applying the queixadas, so it’s something that becomes very personal to you.

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