How to Do the Ponteira in Capoeira

I’m going to demonstrate how to do a ponteira. Just keep it in mind that a ponteira is a very dangerous kick and I don’t recommend that anyone with very little experience should be going out there doing a ponteira.

Usually, most of the time when a ponteira is used is when the game, capoeria, is getting very serious and it’s the type of kick that you use to finalize a game or things are getting ugly. But, be very careful, using ponteira. All right. So, we start from the ginga position with good form. Start firm. Always before kicking. And from here when you kick you’re going to be kicking from your back leg. You can also step in and remember to always switch your arms and use your hips and shit.

So from there go, and you kick. It’s the kind of kick that travels from the bottom up, straight to a little bit lower than your waistline. So from here you can kick and finish back. You can go. Finish back. And a faginga across. Same thing. Okay. Keep those arms up when you kick. Bring it back. Okay. Right there. And the more you engage your hips and shit, the more reach you have. Do a ginga across over here. Okay. Again. Bring it back. Bring it back. And you have to be quick with it. Bring it back. Do a ginga again. Okay. Bring it back. Bring it back. And that’s the ponteira.

Now we’re going to do the ponteira with a partner. Be careful so you don’t misuse this kick. As I said, it’s a very dangerous kick. You can really hurt someone seriously. So, use it but be careful. All right. So here we go in to ginga. Okay. I’m going to be kicking with my back leg. And he’s going to be there. Okay. So, usually when you kick, your foot travels in there. And then kick. And you bring it back. Okay. Again. Say, from kicking here. Right there. And you bring it back. One more time. Right there. And you bring it back. And in f’ginga try to get some momentum from here. And then go. Bring it back.


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