How to Do the Pisao in Capoeira

How to Do the Pisao in Capoeira

Pisao in Capoeira

Now we’re going to do a Benção which is another straight kick, and like most of the kicks in Capoeira, you always have to start with a good ginga. You always maintain a good distance and eye contact. This time I’m going to demonstrate how to do a Benção, but I’m going to be a little bit sideways so you have a side view of it, because this way you can better understand. So instead of being facing this way, I’m going to turn a little bit more this way. So we start with the Ginga over here, and as you see, my hips are low, I’m (?), and I’m going to Ginga, and I’m going to kick from the back, straight, looking at my partner, having the aim there, and from there, you kick and you bring it back.

See if we can go a little bit faster, go more, and bring it back. Okay, engage your hips into it, and from there, I’ll send it back again. Right there, and then bring it back, ready for the Ginga. Over here, all that’s can be done, taking a step in, the same thing, bring it back. For the Ginga again. Step in, finish it back, and from there, you can go there, and that was the Benção. Now we’re going to demonstrate the Benção with a partner.

Now I’m going to start doing the Benção with stepping forward. It can also be done from the back. We’re going to start the Ginga right there. Okay. We go one, two, and then stop and step off here. Here, a response with the Esquiva, and Ginga, and then stop. We go one-two, we finish parallel and from there again. Finish it back, and then we go again and bring it back. Now from there, the Ginga can be done straight from the back right there, and then back. I can Ginga straight from the back and bring it back. As you do the Benção, you’re always finding the gap to place that kick in there, and try to finish solid and back to the Ginga. Make sure that you don’t hurt yourself, engage your hips properly, switch your arms, and that should help you with your basics.

That was the Benção done with a partner. Usually, in a jorga, the Benção can be applied that way, in a jorga when you’re playing with someone else, but usually, you practice by yourself. You can see we use the same technique, but always imagine you do have someone in front of you, and if you take the basic steps you should be able to do it easily. Make sure to focus on finishing back in the ginga position. You finish parallel. Avoid playing your kick, your Benção, without any foundation.


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