How to Do the Negativa in Capoeira

How to Do the Negativa in Capoeira

We are going to demonstrate how to get into the negativa straight from Ginga. And basically, a negativa is a movement that gets you low to the ground. And from there we can always pull like a kick, you can go in for a takedown or you can just use a negativa to travel from point A to point B. So you’re not staying in the same place, you know placing yourself in a position where you can get hit.

So, in a ways to get you moving, we’re going to demonstrate the negativa from a ginga position. So, you place your right foot back, have that arm up there, looking straight at your partner. From here we go straight into it. Negativa. Now from here we’re going to just recall the straight back to the ginga eventually. We can travel out in the whole way. So we go all the way back, now we ginga across, then we have the ginga position. Make sure your legs aren’t crossing. You step straight into the negativa, and there. Okay. Kind of lean forward. Be careful dropping back, cover your face, keep that arm solid and same thing from here. You can pull all the way back. And as you ginga, you can go ginga, one two, three, you can go into negativa, right there.

You can pull it back, and then do ginga again, one two, three, and then you go into negativa. Back, okay. And then you can pull it all the way back. And you can stop. Usually get into a negativa, you can always transform the negativa into a position where you can do a certain kick. Also, you can do a negativa and from negativa can go into role which is another movement that gets you moving, as I said from point A to point B.

Now, we can be, we can have a little bit more freedom with the negativa. We’ll have the (?) sort of demonstrate once again. He’s going to start with the ginga, and then from there they’re going to do the, they’re going to go straight from ginga but also they will have the freedom to go back into the (?), they’re all negativa, role. We can demonstrate. Right there.

So, they can just start with the ginga, you know. Always maintain a good distance. Looking at your partner to see, you know you see the negativa being applied a little bit different then before. Also, see the traveling around. Back and forth. Always keep those arms up, get into a negativa. In a way really gets them moving around, so they are not just staying high up like there. And now, we can stop.

Now, getting to a negativa position, you have to be very careful. Okay. Sometimes you can hurt your knees, you can blow your knees. So you really got to be very careful. It’s a matter of really maintaining good balance and dividing your weight evenly across. So you’re not dropping all the way back, your really kind of putting all the pressure on your lower back. Also, be very careful so you’re not leaning forward so much. So it’s a matter of like, maintaining good balance.

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