Lotus Pose and half Lotus Pose Step by Step

Learn the Lotus Pose in Yoga

Lotus and Half Lotus Pose

Lotus Pose is one of the best poses for meditation. Since you are in a seated position you can work on your breathing and relaxation.

As we already know, yoga is expanding more and more like a practice of innumerable contributions. It is used in a very complete way, to improve the state of physical and mental health.

The Lotus pose is performed in a seated position, with the back extended and legs crossed. It is the best-known position to carry out an effective meditation. In the full position, the legs should remain crossed, so that both feet are resting on the opposite thigh. We know that, first, it is not simple. But to master it, there is only one trick: practice.

The position of the Half Lotus serves as a previous step for those who have less flexibility and can not cross both legs. It is identical to the Lotus, with the difference that, in this case, only one of the feet rests on the opposite thigh.

Lotus and Half Lotus Pose

Benefits of The Lotus Pose

  • Improves the flexibility of the hips and strengthens them
  • Stimulates blood circulation
  • Provides internal well-being
  • Stretch knees and ankles
  • Strengthens joints
  • It promotes relaxation and concentration

Lotus Pose Step by Step

  • Sit on a mat or on a clean place where you can relax.
  • Lift your right foot onto your thigh.
  • Lift your foot onto the thigh.
  • The sole of your foot faces up.
  • Rest your hands on your knees.
  • Hold your Lotus Pose and meditate.
  • Release the Pose. Remove your right foot and then your left foot from your hips.


  • Breathe steadily and smoothly.
  • It is possible that the first time you can not keep the lotus pose for more than a few seconds.

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