How to Do the Bridge Pose

Bridge Pose

Bridge Pose

Worried that something called the “bridge pose” will leave parts of you trussed up, arched over, and suspended in midair? Well, yes it will—but eventually you’ll love every second of it.

Step 1: Lie on back
Lie on your back with your knees bent and pointing straight up, with your feet close to your butt. Your feet should be parallel to each other and the same distance apart as your knees (about 6″).

Step 2: Lift hips
Press down with your feet to help lift your hips up off the ground. Your feet, arms, shoulders, and head should remain on the ground.

Your knees may want to drift away from each other—keep them over your feet by rotating your thighs inward just a little, or squeeze a block between them.

Step 3: Interlace fingers
You could stay here, leaving your arms relaxed, or if you want to go one step further, clasp your hands underneath your back, interlacing your fingers. Use the leverage this gives you to lift a little higher.

Only lift to a point where your lower back remains relaxed.

Step 4: Hold pose
Stay and breathe in this pose. Focus on expanding the chest as you inhale, and scooping in your belly as you exhale.

Step 5: Release pose
To release the pose, unclasp your hands and simply lower your hips to the mat. Probably easier than imitating a ferry, right?

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