How to Do the Balanca in Capoeira

Okay, now I’m going to explain, you know, what a balanca is. Basically, balanca is in, if I were to explain, it’s to have the ability to swing back and forth. And balanca in Capoeira is something that you develop, it’s something very personal. So as you become comfortable with the ginga, you develop your own balanca in the game.

So we’re going to, the three of us here, we’re going to demonstrate, you know, how each of us have our own balanca. And I’m sure you’ll be able to, you know, see the difference, how the three of us, you know, have our own or unique, you know, balanca.

We also start with the ginga, we can go back and forth. We’re going to start straight with the ginga and then we’re going to do our own balanca. We go here back and forth and as you see now, we can start doing our own balanca. We can go one, two. In a way, you know, it’s how you move your body as you do the ginga, you can trip up there. And it’s like setting of your part, you can turn here, arms up there. Can go one, two, so you can switch your legs up, back, and forth.

So basically the balanca in a way is a form of expressing your ginga. Also is used to trick your partner, you’re moving to the right, but you’re moving to the left. You’re moving forward but you’re moving back. You’re going up but you’re going down. And then, you know, put in a combination of all of that. That’s how you develop your own balanca.

Now, we’re going to demonstrate how to balanca, you know, how each player, each capoeirista can have their own balanca, you know, in the game, in the hoda. Let’s take a step back. And you will see how they’re able to ginga and at the same time, they’re able to bring their own balanca into the game. And they’re trying to set up, they’re trying to trick each other with their balancas, so they can apply, you know, certain kicks in there or find a way to go in and come out.

They’re always looking for that gap, you know, to put the kick in there or to go in for a take down. Arms up. Okay. And when you’re working your balanca, you know, you want to be very light on your feet as well, you know, back and forth, and I can go back, up, and arms up there. Ginga. See.

And I think that’s a great demonstration. And as you can see, each of them, they have their own balanca, you know, the way they move their arms, the way they swing their bodies into it. It’s having the ability, you know, to trick your partner into believing you’re doing one thing, but you’re doing something else. You know, you move to the right, but you’re moving to the left. In a way, that’s when the dancing aspect of Capoeira comes into it.

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