How to Do the Armada in Capoeira

How to Do the Armada in Capoeira

The Armada

The Armada, which is a round kick. So usually, you can start with Armada, and always start with the Ginga. Keeping a good form, move across right there, back and forth. And if you can stay parallel, OK, to go into the kick, and then you step in.

Okay. So for here, before you turn, make sure you’re always looking at your partner, and then you can turn. Cover your face, and also use your arms for the momentum, rotating with your hips and turn with your feet. From there, you’re going to kick with your left leg all the way back, OK, and you can Ginga, again back and forth. One, two and turn, before you take that kick make, okay, sure you look.

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