How to Do a Windmill

How to Do a Windmill


The windmill is technical so first I’m going to show you with no weight, and then I’ll add weight to it. So the first things first you’re going to point one foot out to about ninety degrees, you’re going to bring your other foot up to about forty-five degrees. Most important thing here is you want to pop at the hips, okay. Eventually, we will hold the weight in your right arm, if my right leg is pointed out ninety degrees then you have to ensure that you’ll be holding weight in that right arm. So popping the hip, one arm will be up, will be up to the sky. So that hip popping is going to kind of allow you to slide down your leg, okay. You just want to tap your foot and then your going to come up, straighten up, and I tell people you want to think about punching through the roof.

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