How to Do a Reverse Omoplata

How to Do a Reverse Omoplata

One more omoplata variation. Again, just like the last one, it’s a counter off of guy’s takedown. Now in this case, last time we did the single. In this case, we’re doing the double. All right. You notice, we’re going to go into that inverted arm lock like we did in another video. All right. So Chad’s got the double leg. Of course, we could start standing. We just started on the floor. Got my cross-face. I sprawl. I rotate around. All right. Now the first thing I’m going to do is I’m going to do this big cross-face and stick my foot in just like arm lock that we showed before. But as I’m doing the arm lock, his arm comes over here. If he’s not tapping, I can bring it over.

Now watch what I do. All right. Let’s go through the detail of that move. All right. So he shot in. I sprawled. I rotate to the side, get my control. Cross-face. Now get that arm hook. Now I want to go for that submission, but he brings his arm over here, or if I’m not tapping him, I just switch it over. So notice his arm is here, bent this way. Now I pinch my legs together, and I do a front roll over this shoulder as I grab his arm. So it’s that same roll that we did in the single, but my legs are backwards, because it’s a reverse omoplata. Now if he doesn’t roll, his arm gets dislocated. Look. He’s got to roll. He rolls. i follow him, and I get to this position here.

I put my arm in front of his face, just like this, and I life my hips up in the air and kick back. Now if he escapes, that’s okay, because now I’m on top, and I can mount him, look to take his back, and dominate the position. All right. One more time. Sprawl. Rotate. Cross-face. Arm lock. Doesn’t work. Okay. Front move. He rolls with me. Arm across the face. Lift your hips. Kick back. Now this position I first saw 10, 15 years ago. It’s now becoming very popular. I even saw it in the World Sambo Championships like two years ago. And in judo, too. I saw it in a judo championship, as well. So it’s in Jiu-Jitsu, in judo, and in Russian sambo. It’s a great move. All right.

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