How to Do a Lunge with a Kickback

Lunge with a kickback

So, you’re going to start off with a regular lunge, but then you’re going to add a kickback to it.

So, we’re going to start off whichever leg you want. We’ll start off here with the left leg in front, the right leg behind. You’re going to just start off lunging straight down, making sure the weight stays in the heel.

The back leg comes all the way down as low as you can. Almost touching that floor. And then, as you come up this time you’re going to shift your weight forward, kicking the back leg back. Targeting your opposite glute.

So, we’re starting off really focusing on this left glute right here, digging through that heel. Now you’re going to shift your weight forward. Kick back with the right leg. Squeeze your butt on the right side and then bring it down.

So, you lunge down, kickback. Lunge down, kickback. Lunge down, kickback.

So, make sure your shoulders are rolled back. Your chest is up. You sit straight down in your lunge. Don’t lean forward with it. Just keeping that right nice upright posture.

Straight down. Dig through that left heel or whichever leg is in front. Dig through that front leg and then transfer that weight forward. Squeeze the other side.

So, straight down and up. Same thing another side. You’re going to start off in your lunge. You come straight down in that lunge and then kick that back leg back, making sure that you really focus on squeezing your butt as you kick that leg back. So, take it straight down. Squeeze that butt.

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