How to Do a Leg Press

How to Do a Leg Press

Leg Press

One of the secrets to great legs is a proper leg workout and the leg press is one of those miracle exercises you need to do right. Build up your thighs and butt with this simple, effective exercise.

Step 1: Adjust machine
Adjust the machine so that your back rests against the back pad when your legs are extended.

Step 2: Load machine w/ weight
Load the machine with weight.

Step 3: Release weight & lower
With your legs about shoulder width apart, release the weight and slowly lower it until your legs form 90-degree angles.

Don’t let your legs bend beyond 90 degrees—it’s hard on your knees.

Step 4: Push weight back up
Pushing from your hips, press the weight back up, driving from your heels until your legs are extended but not locked at the knee.

For an added calf exercise, press up onto your toes.

Step 5: Re-lock the weight
When you are done doing presses, re-lock the weight before standing up. Take it easy — you’ll probably be feeling the burn!

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