How to Do a Jab in Kickboxing

Do a Jab in Kickboxing

The jab is going to be a very dominant punch. You’re going to use it a lot of times to keep somebody away to close the distance. If you’re a right-handed fighter, the jab is going to be with your left hand. If you’re a left-handed fighter, the jab is going to be the right hand. It’s pretty much the lead hand, all right. Now the mechanics with the jab in regards to the upper body with the hands, it’s fairly simple. From your chin you’re going to extend your arm and drill downwards, all right? So, from the chin, drill downwards. Same thing as a side guard, from the chin, drill downwards, turning that, flipping that fist over, okay?

Next thing up about the jab, the power from this punch does not come from the arms, it comes from the legs, the lower body. This is my opponent right here; I’m going to step towards him just a few inches pushing off my rear legs. This foot’s going to step three inches, this foot’s going to step three inches. Once I’m done with this punch, I’m back to my original stance. So it should look something like this. And right back. That’s a side guard. And right back. And right back. Very important guys that this foot steps three inches, three inches, one inch, one inch. But it always comes from here. Transferring the power, push, push, push, push, push, all into your fist. Once your done, boom, comes right back. Step, boom. Step, boom. And always, always, keep the opposite hand up on your face. All right, and that’s how you do a jab.

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