How to Do a Can Opener

How to Do a Can Opener

I’m going to show you the traditional variation and then I’m going to show you a variation I learned from Tim Katoffo, who is a catch wrestler. It’s not a traditional Jujitsu move but I really like it. You have to be careful of the sweep but if you catch an opponent by surprise, it’s really nice because you don’t have to worry about the arm hold. Okay?

So, I’m in the guard, and I want to break his guard. I want to pass him, so I’m going to shoot up and just pull his head. Right. Now, I’m going to be throwing elbows here. Now, the one thing he’s got to be careful of, he’s going to push my head up, and my arm extends, and then there’s an Arm Bar.

So I never want to extend my arms here. Right, there’s that Arm Bar. Tap.

We don’t want that so I’m going to shoot forward here. Now, here, I’m going to show a nice little variation. Boom. You can just tap him here but sometimes it’s hard to tap him. Usually, you see Georges St. Pierre throwing elbows, which is good, right?

But what you want to do is drive forward and then sit up here and push his head down. Now, even if you don’t tap him here, right, you’ve just broken his guard. Okay?

All right. One more time. I’m here. Boom. Boom. He has to open his guard, boom, you can control it. Really great move.

Now, what you have to be careful of is this. When you drive forward he doesn’t get underneath your legs and sweep you. Right? You’re like oh. You don’t want that. Okay?

So what you’ve got to do is keep your legs behind you. Reach through my legs. Reach through my legs, Jack.

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