How to control and beat stress

How to control and beat stress

  • Back to the frantic pace: work, family, home … You suffer the return of the holidays, you feel exhausted and without energy. Between the full agenda, the profusion of meetings, the files that pile up … you no longer know where you have your head. Tension builds up and worries start to overtake you. What are you waiting for? You have to end this! Learn to relax from now on to end worries. We present 4 good ideas to learn how to manage stress and be fit.

Therapy secret #1: Food

Notice to nervous people by nature: forget about the diets that affect the nerves, because they are not good for the most sensitive people. Stress causes an increase in the consumption of food in people who are already fragile in and of themselves. The main cause of frailty seems to be … diets! In effect, too many restrictions cause imbalances in the mechanisms of hunger. People obsessed with the line tend to be more vulnerable to stress because they react by eating more, often fatty and sweet foods that provide instant pleasure. Result: you get fat and, in turn, generate more stress … and start again! Therefore, it is preferable to opt for a healthy and balanced diet, without imposing a draconian regime. It is much better for the mood and the line.

Therapy secret #2: Music

The rush around you everywhere, you feel that you are running everywhere without having time to rest a moment. Do not let the outside world hurt you. At midday, try to pause 100% zen. How? Recharge the batteries outside your workplace. Salt to air and cut with the stressful environment: a green area or simply at home. Find a quiet place that does not disturb this ritual. If you want to enjoy an intimate moment, take out your mp3 player, select a soft melody or relaxation music … let yourself be carried away by every note to feel absolute well-being. The ear can help you relax, so do not wait any longer to eliminate stress … with music!

Therapy secret #3: Technology Diet

Do you have the phone attached to you and it seems you can not get rid of it? Yes, they are the effects of modern life … If a day without mobile seems impossible, it is time to take a break. Do not be afraid to forget something, this time you have to try to disconnect. Once a week, impose this ritual: turn off ALL the technological devices to find yourself (watching TV is also not allowed in this case …). There is nothing better to evacuate stress: you will feel truly enjoying life, free from the “connected” world.

Therapy secret #4: Do Yoga

At the end of a long day, how can you free yourself from stress? We present a perfect yoga exercise to charge the batteries: the “Shavasana” posture. Lie on your back, on a yoga mat, and relax. Arms and legs slightly apart, palms to the sky and eyes closed. Take a relaxing breath: slow and deep at the beginning, regular afterward. Forget everything that worries you and could disturb your concentration. Continue like this for a few minutes. The exercise may seem very simple but requires absolute immobility. That is, you have to fix your attention to keep the body completely immobile. This position is very useful to become aware of the body, clear the mind and enjoy the moment. It is convenient to do it in case of stress, insomnia or nervousness.

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