How to Build an Unpassable Guard

How to Build an Unpassable Guard

Build an Unpassable Guard

How to Build an Unpassable Guard with Cobrinha Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, it is time to take your Guard to the next level.

For this exercise you need to get on your back while your partner will try to pass your guard, he will move around you trying to find any opening. This is controlled, your partner will make you move around and feel uncomfortable by trying from different angles.

The exercise

There is a challenge here… you won’t be using your hands, so you will be holding two tennis balls you can’t drop, you can push but can’t grab. This will help you improve your skills using your legs. Do not kick your opponent, the key is to connect and cancel the grabs.

Besides being a great skills exercise you can also use it to warm up your entire body.

How to improve your guard

You need to develop certain aspects and focus your training in order to improve your guard and make it as Unpassable as possible.

  • Leg exercises: Doing exercises like squats or press will give you strength to be able to push or support your opponent while you stand guard.
  • Drills: They are essential in any BJJ training. Performing specific guard drills and repeating them will help you mechanize the movements.
  • Isometric Exercises: This type of exercise will help us gain strength and hold a certain posture or position for the necessary time.
  • Stretches: Stretching sessions outside of BJJ classes will help you improve this aspect. Activities like Yoga can be of great help. This article can help you on stretching your Hamstrings: How to Stretch Your Hamstrings


  • Remember this is an exercise to help you develop a better game with your guard
  • Do not use too much force, it is about using the right technique
  • Use your feet to push away your opponent, but don’t kick
  • Be relaxed and use your entire body to move around your opponent
  • Your opponent will also move around you but be flexible to move as well

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