How much coffee is a lot of coffee?

How much coffee

Too much Coffee?

While the benefits include increased energy, stimulation of metabolism and antioxidants, its excess can be very dangerous to health.

International Coffee Day, the date on which it seeks to promote this beverage and its benefits, in addition to recognizing the work of grain producers and all those involved in the production process.

“Women in coffee” a recognition to Women who work in this field seeks to emphasize that women are as important as men in the production chain, from planting seeds to production.

These are many cups of coffee

According to Macarena Araya, a nutritionist at CUA, moderate coffee consumption (approximately two cups a day) protects against diseases such as heart failure and reduces the risk of stroke.

Among the benefits of coffee, he says, is the increase in energy, the stimulation of metabolism and antioxidants.

In spite of this, she indicates, the excess of coffee can bring health problems to the people if it is taken in excess. The maximum amount of daily coffee varies between 300 and 400 mg, which is equivalent to three or four cups. depending on how many spoonfuls you put on it or the intensity of the brew.

“You also have to consider other foods that contain caffeine, such as chocolate, tea and energy drinks,” he adds.

Among the consequences of excess caffeine is the withdrawal syndrome, dehydration, gastritis and difficulty sleeping. “All these negative effects translate into higher blood pressure and an increase in cardiovascular risk,” she adds.

13 Benefits of Drinking it:

  1. It fills you with energy
  2. Decreases the risk of cancer
  3. Less likely to get Parkinson’s disease
  4. It is good for asthma and allergies
  5. Reduces the risk of developing diabetes
  6. Prevents the development of cirrhosis
  7. Decreases the risk of Alzheimer’s
  8. Decreases depression
  9. Awakens the sense of alertness, and increases concentration and short-term memory
  10. Fights headaches
  11. Does not damage the heart or arteries
  12. Provides antioxidants
  13. It is a source of essential minerals

Now go and get a cup if you haven’t got one yet.


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