How deadly is the Karambit?


The Karambit

Today’s training was a self-defense against a knife attack, it was one called “Raining Lance”, we worked on it then one of the students brought a wooden Karambit for training purposes. We tried to see how “Raining Lance” would end up with a different knife. So we had to change the reality of the attack. Since this knife feels and holds better on a hand it makes it harder to control. It is also smaller and the cut is serious and can hurt too much.

One student said, “that’s a toy knife, real knives are not like that!” This is a good video that explains how deadly this little knife is, see what kind of damage it can provide.

Angelo Collado besides being a world know Kenpoist who has won many tournaments, he is a Karambit expert, here is his basic instructional video on this lethal weapon.

Karate Techniques

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