Horizontal Punch in Taekwondo

Learn the Horizontal Punch in Taekwondo

Horizontal Punch

This punch is one of the basics punches in most martial arts, Taekwondo has it on the white belt rank and it consists of straight attack where the knuckles are in horizontal position. The zone of impact are the two main knuckles close to the thumb. Your thumb should be tight to support those knuckles because if those are not you might get them injured.

  • To learn the horizontal punch many instructors have many drills available where students have to alternate every punch, they can also this punch to the face, to the stomach and to the groin. 

This punch is most used in board breaking because it can create enough power and speed to complete the task. Some Taekwondo schools require students to break boards as part of their testing requirements, so most of them are required to do a horizontal punch to break their board.

Step by step

  • Keeping your back straight facing your target on an attention stance or horse stance find your target.
  • Keep your eyes on the target or to the front if you are only doing a drill exercise.
  • Deliver your horizontal punch to the desired target while your other hand awaits next to your ribs as doing a back elbow strike.
  • Repeat the same punch technique with the other side while your other hand now awaits next to your ribs.


  • Keep your thumb tight supporting the first two knuckles.
  • Keep your eyes on the target before doing your punch.
  • Do not overextend your arm while punching, it might hurt your elbow articulation.
  • Keep your back straight with every punch.

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