Hop Step Roundhouse Kick Defense


Hop step roundhouse kick counter

I’m going to be showing you guys the counter to a hop step roundhouse kick. Now, my partner and I, we’re going to be in a closed stance. Again, closed stances are stomachs facing the opposite direction. Now my opponent could throw a hop step roundhouse kick to initiate an attack on me. So, one, he attacks. If I stay still, I’m going to get hit. Now he could be in an open stance, so he switches, and then he can, again, throw a hop step towards my back. If I stay still, I’m going to get hit.

Now, there are a few counter attacks to a hop step. OK, number one, if we’re in a closed stance, when he throws a hop step roundhouse kick, do the slide back technique. He’s going to demonstrate. One, I slide back, and you can use your rear leg to attack, this way. Two, he’s going to do the hop step and I slide back again. One. But this time, I’m going to add my hop step towards him, this way. Three, a little fancier, he’s going to go for the hop step. I slide back and do a tornado roundhouse kick, that way.

One more time, let’s go over the one, two, and three. We’re going to be over here. I wait. He attacks, I slide, using my rear leg, using my hop step back at him. The last one, slide and throw that kick, tornado roundhouse kick.

Now we’re on the open stance and my opponent throws the, again, hop step roundhouse kick. Now one of the counters I like to do is throw an axe kick towards my opponent’s face. Make sure when you’re practicing with your partner, be careful. Try to have no contact. So again, when he throws a kick, I might do a little down block first and throw my axe kick. So one more time. He throws the kick, and counter-attack this way.

Now if my opponent throws the other leg and I try to throw an axe kick with this, what happens is our legs get caught. OK? So again, he throws a kick. I throw the axe kick, boom, and that’s what happens. That’s one of the errors. Make sure you know which technique and which attack and which leg he’s coming after you with.

So again, this is for the open stance right now. Give it a switch. He gives it a hop step. Towards the face. And those are some basic counter attacks to a hop step roundhouse kick.

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