How to do Hooking Wings Self Defense Technique

How to do Hooking Wings Self Defense Technique

Hooking Wings

The technique Hooking Wings can be considered a “what if” technique to Parting Wings. Some of the Kenpo principles that we apply in the technique are; body contour (frictional pull), a marriage of gravity, puzzle principle (fitting strike), Continuity of Motion (the figure 8 hammer fist strikes).

Let’s go over the steps:

  • As the attacker comes in move your left foot back while you execute a double downward parry.
  • Then deliver a front kick to the groin which will cancel his height.
  • As you plant your foot down deliver a right inward hammer to the side of the face then come back to hit the other side.
  • Do an upward elbow strike then go down to hit his face with a heel palm.
  • Step out and cover-up.

If you are under a different Kenpo Karate lineage you might not have this technique or maybe you have it with a different ending.


Do not lean forward too much when doing this technique.

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