The Hook Kick

The Hook Kick

The hook kick is found in Karate, Taekwondo, and other Martial arts. This kick is very useful for sparring, in certain tournaments this kick scores 2 points in others 1. You will see the details to proper execution, how to apply it in combat step by step. For tricking is the same kick with the same steps, the only difference is that you are not making contact. Enjoy and train it. Remember you need to have a good level of flexibility before trying this kick.

Tips for the hook kick:

  • You are required to have good flexibility, balance and be able to do a side kick properly
  • Align your knees, hips, and shoulders  when you kick
  • The Striking is done with your heel
  • Point your foot, it compresses the Achilles tendon and the heel will stick out
  • Your heel will hit and the rest of your leg will follow through
  • This kick is a prerequisite for the spinning hook kick

Taekwondo Techniques

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