How to Do a Hollow Rock Exercise

Hollow Rock Exercise

So I’m going to demonstrate how to do one of my favorite exercises called the hollow rock. It’s great for your core, it is an advanced move, so if you’re kind of just starting out working out or you have you know a weaker core I would wait on this until you master things like the plank and the side plank and core stabilization exercises and then you could come on and try the hollow rock.

So you’re going to lie on your back. So you’re going to brink your arms up by your ears and you’re going to extend your legs out long. I’m going to show the basic hollow rock first, so you’re going to really point your toes and your arms out. I’m very active in this pose already keeping my abdominal engaged, my ribcage down. I’m going to rock up to a seated position, lower my legs as I come back down.

Up, lower the legs, come back down. So that is the hollow rock. I’m going to show you a regression from that, if that’s too difficult if you’re feeling that in the lower back, you can also do it while bending your knees. Arms are going to come up, bend the knees, come up, slowly roll down.

Come up, slowly roll down. So I want you to think about rolling down vertebrae by vertebrae very slowly, it’s not a sit-up. There’s not a lot of lumbar flexion[sp] and extension. We do not want that. What I want you to think about is moving as one, you’re whole body is moving as one instead of the lumbar flexing and extending and that’s how you do a hollow rock exercise.

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