How to do Hiza Uke – Knee Block in Martial Arts

How to do Hiza Uke

Hiza Uke – Knee Block

This is a very useful block you can use while sparring. If your opponent is aggressive you can stop him with Hiza Uke, he will lose his balance, and then is when you have the opportunity to counter attack.

Hiza Uke is a very effective block against a:

  • Side kick or Yoko geri.
  • Roundhouse kick of Mawashi geri.
  • Front kick or Mae geri.

The proper way to block is by using your knee to connect with the inner part of your opponent’s leg moments before he extends his leg to land his kick on you. This action will disable his balance and will also cancel his height, he will try to get to his feet to regain balance.

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