We’re going to do it in our linear line fashion, stretching from head to toe. Delen, let’s get started over here. Let’s get warmed up. Knee-ups from that corner to me, knee-ups all the way down. There you go, that’s it. Pull your knee all the way up to your chest, keeping your spine straight, and turn around, walk in a straight line down.

We’re raising our blood temperature a little bit, getting our muscle tissue ready to function, and one more time. And now, you can go heel-ups to your glutes. Turn around. You can utilize these stretches at home. Most professional athletes all do line drills, so this is the way you get warmed up properly. And then, knee up and out. Keep your spine straight. As you can see, Delen is very flexible there in the piriformis muscle. Turn around.

Now, wake up your core. One leg behind, make a tourniquet with your foot and your hand and reach out into a Superman. Try that. Let’s see how good your balance is. Superman out, and back down, beautiful. Again. Good. Step forward now and work the other leg. Superman out. This is where the tourniquet action comes into play. He just forms a tight relationship between his hand and his instep, and he reaches out into a Superman.

Alternating legs, forward. That’s it. Leg down and step forward. Lunge forward, make sure that kneecap isn’t coming forward your toe, all right? Lunge forward, good. Very important, here. When Delen walks forward here and he lunges down, that knee isn’t going to come forward from your toe, and your core is contracted, it’s tight there. Down, and your spine is slightly leaning forward in an athletic position to engage your core. When you lunge down, you come up and squeeze your glutes together, all right? So you use muscle tension to rise.

If you learn to move functionally, your body is going to be much more efficient, especially when it comes to boxing movement.

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Peter A Soto is a Black Belt with more than 20 years of experience, athlete, teacher and webmaster. Based in the city of San Diego, California.