How to Do a Heel Hook Submission

How to Do a Heel Hook Submission

Heel Hook Submission

All right, now we’re going to do a heel hook. The same reaping entry that we did on the leg lock we’re going to do on the heel hook. And we want to lock our legs, okay? that’s going to stop him from coming up and moving. All right. The whole idea is controlling the foot – controlling the foot and not letting him move and pull his feet out. You don’t want to be in a situation like Husamar Polares was where he went for a leg lock on a sweat guy and it whipped out. Not to say that he’s not an amazing competitor – he is, but you have to take into account the sweat factor, lack of friction. Okay. So the idea is, hold the leg, hold the position, get those locks around his leg after you reap and then switch to the heel. So, I’m here, I’m catching the foot just like before, put my foot here, I fall and reap, bring my foot over, and look – I have that same entry as the leg lock, but I turn, and I make his leg bend as much as possible. Now I come here, gable grip, turn this way, and turn my hip this way. So, here – right there. Submitting with the hips. Okay. This is very important. Okay.

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