How to do Heavenly Ascent Self Defense Technique

How to do Heavenly Ascent Self Defense Technique

Heavenly Ascent

Heavenly Ascent is a Kenpo Karate Self Defense Technique found in the green belt of the American Kenpo Karate System. This technique is against a Front two hand choke with arms straight, let’s go over the steps:

  • As the two hand choke attack comes in, put your hands together and hit his face.
  • Drop your elbow to hit the solar plexus, right inward elbow strike then come back with the elbow to hit the other side of the jaw.
  • Execute a right hammer to the jaw, left straight heel palm then finish with a right inverted leopard’s paw to the neck.
  • Cover out.

Instructed by Casa De Kenpo which includes Professors Cliff Seminerio and Juan Serrano.

Rick Jeffcoat’s – American Kenpo Karate – Techniques: Heavenly Ascent, Third-degree black belt.

Martin Caceres S Macs, Kenpo Karate Laraquete, Chile

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