Hangetsu Dachi in Karate

Hangetsu Dachi in Karate

Hangetsu Dachi

Hangetsu Dachi is also known as the Half Moon Stance. It is considered a difficult stance in Shotokan Karate because is not deeply rooted compared to Zenkutsu Dachi but if it is properly executed can deliver great power.

Hangetsu Dachi Side View

Hangetsu Dachi Side View

Comparing Hangetsu Dachi with Zenkutsu Dachi we can say there is a similar length, the feet are also shoulder width apart. But in Hangetsu Dachi the front foot is facing 45 degrees inward and the rear foot is turned out to 15 to 20 degrees. You will need to press the front knee to the ball of your foot, you will need to press the hips forward and rotated upwards. You will need to distribute your weight about 60% on the front foor and 40% on the rear foot. Keep your shoulder aligned with your hips and keep your back straight.


  • Keep your body weight centered
  • You weight distribution should be 50-50
  • Keep your back straight
  • Bend both knees equally

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