Hand-Release Push-Up Exercise Guide

The hand-release push-up

Hand-Release Push-Up

This is an exercise you will never forget, is like the person of your dreams you meet one day and you find out that is married, well this push-up is single and now is time to meet up.

The first time I heard of it, I thought of it like another useless exercise version, but I was wrong. This is simple and super effective, you don’t need anything just your arms. Well, next day I was so sore that I became a believer.

The hand-release push-up is extremely popular in the CrossFit world because prevents anyone from cheating since is so easy to count them. These are so better than any other push-up because after you do one, you are forced to regenerate your momentum for each one and start over again and again.

There are other variations I like such as the clapping, weighted, and diamond push up.

Here is a step by step instruction on how to do them correctly:

  • Get on the floor on your traditional push-up position, your feet together or slightly apart (that’s is up to you)
  • Keep your back straight, align your entire body and let your arms do all the action only.
  • Let your body relax when you make contact with the ground.
  • Now return to your push up position to do your push-up.
  • Go down and let your body relax when you make contact with the ground. (1-second rest max)


  • Do not rest more than 1 second after your push-up, you can rest later when you are done with all your repetitions.
  • Do not do your push up too fast, do not go down too fast either.

Here is another exercise you might like to try:

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