Gripping Talon in Kenpo Karate

Gripping Talon in Kenpo Karate

Gripping Talon

Gripping Talon is a self-defense technique found in Blue Belt in Ed Parker’s American Kenpo Karate system. This technique is against a front left direct double wrist grab.

Gripping Talon Step by Step

  • As you are being grabbed, step forward with your right foot into a neutral stance, move your grabbed wrist to your left while your left hand goes between them.
  • As your wrist is released grab his left wrist with your left hand and deliver a right back the hammer to the groin.
  • Keep holding the wrist while you do a read twist stance as you move your right foot to buckle his left leg.
    Do a right overhead circular punch to his head, use the same hand to grab his head to end the technique with a left knee to his face.
  • Cover out.

Gripping Talon. Instructed by Casa De Kenpo which includes Professors Cliff Seminerio and Juan Serrano.

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