Grip of Death Self Defense Technique

Grip of Death

Grip of Death

One of the most effective self-defense techniques. It is found in the Orange Belt rank system in American Kenpo Karate, it can be found in other ranks depending on the Kenpo Style or Lineage. The attack is a left frank, right arm headlock.

Here are the steps to complete this technique:

  • Once you are grabbed by the headlock take your chin to your body to be able to breathe.
  • Drop your left knee on the back of his right calf.
  • Execute a left hammer fist to his right kidney and another hammer fist with your right hand to his groin.
  • Move your left hand over his face to catch his face, hook his nose while you anchor your elbow on his back.
  • Then execute a right straight heel palm to his face and cross out.

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