Published On: Sun, Dec 22nd, 2019

Green Belt – 6th Kyu in Wado-Ryu Karate

Kihon Waza – Basic Techniques

  • Mae Geri – Jun Zuki – Front Kick – Front Punch
  • Mae Geri – Gyaku Zuki – Front Kick – Reverse Punch
  • Tobikomi Zuki – Slide Forward jab to the Head
  • Surikomi Mawashe Geri Chudan – One Step Round Kick
  • Surikomi Sokuto Chudan – One Step Side Kick

Renrakuwaza – Combinations

  • Mae Geri Chudan | Sokuto Fumikomi | Gyaku Zuki Chudan – Front Kick to Body | Side Kick To Knee | Reverse Punch to Body | Pull Punch Back
  • Surikomi | Mae Geri Chudan | Sokuto Chudan | Uraken | Gyaku Zuki – One Step | Front Kick to Body | Side Kick to Body | Back Fist | Reverse Punch

Main Traditional Karate

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