Grand Master Frank Trejo

This is Grand Master Frank Trejo

GM Frank Trejo

Grandmaster Frank Trejo, who passed away was one of the direct students of the Senior Grand Master and founder of the American Kenpo Karate. It was with him that he traveled to many parts of the world helping him in his demonstrations and also in seminars.

Frank also liked boxing and kickboxing. He was part of the karate team sponsored by Budweiser, competing in many states and cities in the United States.

He was an inspiration to many and after Grand Master Ed. Parker passed away, he continued with what his teacher created. At that time, Frank changed his traditional Kenpo patch into a scale of gray, black and white colors. When asked about the change in his Kenpo patch, he told them it was in respect for his teacher, when he died Kenpo karate lost many of its colors.

If you are a Kenpoist then you know who he is, you must have seen him on videos…well here he is a tribute to GM. Trejo.

Grand Master Frank Trejo is a well-known celebrity in American Martial Arts. He started learning boxing with his grandfather, then he stepped into formal martial arts training when he joined a Shotokan studio back in 1966. He started training with Mr. Edmund Parker three years later, he became one of his best students and was invited by Mr. Parker to travel with him for demonstrations seminars, and tours around the world. Mr. Frank was the first kenpoist to take the first place in kumite and forms at the Long Beach International Karate Championships.

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