How to do Glancing Salute Self Defense Technique

Glancing Salute

Glancing Salute is a Self-defense Technique found in the orange belt rank of the American Kenpo Karate system created by Edmund Parker. This technique is against a front right-hand cross push. We all have heard this kind of attack would never happen, this is outdated stuff and all that because an attack would go directly to the face and body. We were taught to learn all these techniques to build up our arsenal of weapons to defend ourselves. Let’s go over the steps:

  • As you are pushed lock the arm with your right arm and execute a left inward block.
  • Push the right arm down with your left hand to follow up with a right straight heel palm and hook his neck to pull him down deliver a knee kick.
  • Cross out.


  • You can push the opponent out after your knee, this will disable him even more.

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