How to do Gift in Return Self Defense Technique

How to do Gift in Return Self Defense Technique

Gift in Return

Gift in Return is self-defense technique found in the American Kenpo Karate System created by Edmund Parker, this technique is found in the purple belt rank. This technique is against a handshake, let’s go over the techniques:

  • Once your hand is trapped on the handshake use your left hand to check his right elbow then pull down as you step forward.
  • Push his trapped hand between his legs, then move on his obscure zone.
  • Deliver a right side kick the back of his left knee and then the same kick but with your right leg to his right le

This is the second “gift” technique in the Kenpo System. It falls in Category 5 in the Web of Knowledge (Holds and Hugs). From this technique, we learn about the¬†cross check and the difference between a grab and a hold. Gift in Return relates to Shield and Sword. By GM Flores.

Gift In Return. Instructed by Casa De Kenpo which includes Professors Cliff Seminerio and Juan Serrano.


  • Remember that you are using his own hand to his groin, because of the pain this move with give you the necessary time to continue the technique.
  • The first move in this technique has to be explosive, if it is not your technique might not work at all; he might have a strong arm and could stop your action.

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