How to Get the Most Out of Karate Lessons


So how to get the most out of your training? Well, first and foremost when you’re training in anything the approach is discipline, discipline, discipline. We have to be absolutely disciplined and very patient with ourselves. Very often especially the young guys will come in and they’re very eager and very anxious to get good very quickly. And this is ego. It’s a classic sort of ego thing which you have to leave outside the Dojo.

Be very patient with yourself. You’re learning how to walk again, almost. So it can be extremely frustrating in the beginning and this is why we have the belt system, which I think is a very good thing because you’re obliged to wait, you’re obliged to be patient and this also builds character. So getting the most out of training is accepting these things and knowing it’s gonna be a slow process.

Two to three times a week I would say is a decent average and then you’ll go through the ranks getting a new grade perhaps every six months. I grade every six months in my Dojo and that means that you’ll certainly have to wait three, four maybe five years to be close to black belt.

Black belt itself is a beginners grade. Black belt is shodan. Shodan means the beginning level, literally. So the levels prior to that, all the colored belts are pre first level. So it is a long process and patience and discipline I think are the two keys to getting the most out of your training.

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