How to do Gedan Otoshi uke in Traditional Karate

Gedan Otoshi uke

This is a block in traditional Karate, is mostly used for middle and high punches. It’s a downward vertical block, an outward block like hammering the attack to cancel it.

This is Master Fernando Martin Millana, a 7th degree Black Belt Real Spanish Karate Federation. Here he demonstrates this block which is a vertical downward block from the inside to the outside. This is mostly used with middle punches such as Tate suki and Seiken suki. It could also work to block a mae Geri keage or kekomi, also a simple hiza Geri. It is important to remember that any Uke can also be used as a strike, depending on the applied force you can disable his arm.

Gedan Otoshi Uke is also seen on many Katas.


  • Do not overextend your arm to execute this block, you will be exposing available targets.
  • Keep your back straight and do not lean forward when blocking.

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