Gedan Barai Uke

Gedan Barai Uke - Low Block

Gedan Barai Uke

This is a block against a kick to the stomach or to the groin, it is better with a solid stance like Zenkutso Dachi that provides the necessary support for a block like this. Gedan Barai Uke starts with the blocking fist close to your opposite ear, then goes down to clear any upcoming attack to the middle and low area and stops in front of the forwarded leg. While you block the other hand in next to your waist ready for another technique if necessary.

Step by step:

  • The blocking fist starts by your opposed ear.
  • Then goes down using the power of gravity, aligns with the knee and blocks the kick out of the line of injury.
  • Repeat on the same on the other side.

Here is Gedan Barai with no stances:

Here is Gedan Barai with a Zunkutsu Dachi:


  • Your block should end where your body ends.
  • Your block should end above your knee, aligning your shoulder, elbow, and fist.
  • Do not overextend your block because you might leave an entrance to your opponent.

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