Fudo Dachi in Karate

Fudo Dachi in Karate

Fudo Dachi

Fudo Dachi is also known as the “Immovable Stance”.

The term Dudo Dachi has a semantic origin from the God Fudo Myo, a God who has a sword in his hand and in the other a rope to tie everything he cuts. This God represents immobility. Fudo means “immobile”.

This stance makes blocking and counter-attacking very effective as it allows us to use our hips fluently. In the same way, it allows us to quickly go from Fudo Dachi to Zenkutsu Dachi when making a counterattack. When we perform this action we do not have to change the front foot because it is already in that direction. This position favors turns, position changes, and movements that other positions do not allow so naturally.

The weight distribution in this stance is 50% on your left leg and 50 on your right leg. Your body is centered always keeping your back straight.

This stance is considered to be a combination between Kiba Dachi and Zenkutsu Dachi.

Fudo Dachi Side View

Fudo Dachi in Karate Side View

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