Front Scoop Kick in Kenpo Karate

Front Scoop Kick in Kenpo Karate

Front Scoop Kick

This kick is a specific application kick, we can find it in self defense techniques.

It is a kick that is applied to hit the lower area, specifically the genitals where it will cause so much pain in the attacker that at the moment of being kicked he will bend over and try to protect himself.

This kick goes up the between leg, goes up in a circular way, and kicks the testicles inside out. At the moment of kicking these external organs, the attacker will be immediately neutralized.

Front Scoop Kick Step by Step

  • We can start in a neutral stance with your hands up
  • You can kick with either leg
  • Lift your knee aiming at the target
  • Allow your foot to go up between the attacker’s leg
  • Kick the groin and keep the momentum by kicking the testicles out as you bring your foot back to your neutral stance


  • Be ready to follow up with another kick, strike, punch… you don’t know what your opponent might try to do
  • Always keep your hands up with any kick

Kenpo Karate Requirements

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