How to Do a Front Kick in Taekwondo

Front Kick in Taekwondo

Front Kick in Taekwondo

A front kick or Ap Chagi is a powerful technique found in many martial arts, very effective in self-defense techniques and in sparring. There are several options, to name a few combinations:

  • Front jumping front kick
  • Front thrust kick with your back leg
  • Front snap kick with your front leg

All these depend on its basic version, but there when sparring you have certain rules and options. Let’s go over steps:

  • Get started on a fighting stance.
  • Keep your hands up and aim with your knee your target.
  • Extend your leg hitting your target.
  • Make sure you always keep your hands up when you throw your kick.

Keep in mind when you kick someone there will be a natural reaction, if you kick  someone in the groin he will lean forward and put his hands in his groin, if you kick someone in the stomach