Published On: Mon, Dec 11th, 2017

How to do a Front Kick, snapping and thrusting

How to do a Front Kick, snapping and thrusting

Front Kick

The front kick is one of those kick that is found in many martial arts under different names, sharing mostly the same details. There are different combinations of foot maneuvers which provide different results. It is considered a basic kick but can present several variations by making small modifications or adding other moves.

Using the ball of the foot is recommended and creates a thrusting push that can be very damaging. The common targets for this kick are the knees, groin, stomach, neck, and face.

A front kick can also be used to block or stop a technique. An example would be when the opponent is preparing to kick with a Roundhouse, then you can stop the move by using a front kick to the inside of the kicking leg or to the middle section.

A front kick can be done with the front leg which will be faster but it will not be as powerful as kicking with the back leg. The target height is very important because you need to consider several factors to do the perfect kick, if you try to kick too high and you are not flexible enough you will lose your balance and your back supporting leg will make you fall.

In Japanese Karate the name for this kick is Mae Geri Keage (Front snap kick), Mae Geri Kekomi (Front Thrust Kick). In Taekwondo it would be Ap Chagi.
Here is the Japanese explanation of this Kick:


  • Your back should be straight
  • Your hands should be up
  • You need to lift the knee before throwing the kick
  • Use your hips to increase the power of it
  • The point of impact is the ball of your foot
  • The lead leg will kick faster but not as strong as your back leg


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