How to Do a Front Kick in Kickboxing

How to Do a Front Kick in Kickboxing

Front Kick in Kickboxing

Kickboxing is a competitive martial art with elements from Karate, Taekwondo, Muay Thai, and Boxing. Kickboxing is also practiced as an alternative for fitness.

Kickboxing and the front kick

The front kick is a powerful kick, you can execute your lead leg or rear leg. But there is a difference because the lead leg is defensive and the rear leg is more offensive. You can stop someone with the lead leg as they get close to you and kick through them with your rear leg.

This is a basic kick but very important, before learning any other kicking technique make sure you fully understand the front kick and do your part by taking the time to work on it.

Repetition makes improvement, work kicking a bag or targets, work on your front kick stretching exercises get better with your kicking skills.

What is the front kick used for?

In self-defense, this kick would be used for stopping an attacker. This is a helpful kick to create a safe distance from anyone. In sparring at a tournament it would be to score a point in Karate, Taekwondo, or related Martial Art.

Front Kick Targets

Front Kick Targets

The targets for this kick are the knee, groin, solar plexus, chin, and face. Kicking at these targets would depend on how flexible and how high you can kick.

If you are not flexible enough do not try to kick higher than you can because you can hurt yourself.

Front Kick Benefits

Front Kick Benefits

The lead leg is faster. When kicking with your lead leg you can:

  • Stop an aggressive fighter coming at you.
  • Create a safe distance from your opponent.
  • Prepare for your counterattack.
  • Set your opponent for another technique.

The rear leg kick requires more time to travel forward and it is easier to stop or block than a lead leg kick. When kicking with your rear leg you can:

  • Deliver a powerful front kick to completely stop your opponent.
  • Kick to the face or stomach, it is the same move but you can change the target almost at the end of the kicking technique.
  • Kick your opponent out of the right if you are at a tournament.

Front Kick Step by Step

  • Get started on a fighting stance┬áKeeping your hands up.
  • Bring your knee up aiming at your target.
  • Extend your leg and kick your target.
  • Kick with the ball of your foot.
  • Bring your leg back keeping your knee up and now put your foot down.

To add more power to your front kick use the power of your hips to thrust forward as you kick, also try using your screaming power also known as Kiai.

Front Kick Stretching Exercises

There are several stretching exercises you can do to get your legs ready for a powerful front kick. Proper stretching of the supporting leg and the kicking leg is essential. Here are a few exercises you can do.

If you need more deep stretching routines then these two articles are recommended for you:

Supporting leg Stretching exercise

In the following leg stretching exercise we are working on our hamstrings and quads at the same time. These are essential to bring the knee up and aim the target before kicking.

Supporting leg Stretching exercises - Front Kick Stretching Exercise

Kicking leg Stretching exercise

The following exercise will target the hamstrings and calves. This is essential to help you reach your target when kicking.

Kicking leg Stretching exercise - Front Kick Stretching Exercise

Front Kick Recommendations

  • Always warm-up and stretch before kicking.
  • Do not fall forward when kicking with your rear leg.
  • Keep your hands up at all times.
  • Step back right away after your kick.
  • To kick higher, practice and stretch frequently. The more you work on your flexibility, the higher you can kick.
  • Always wear comfortable clothes when training.
  • Learn to know your body to avoid injuries.

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