Front Foot Round House Kick in Taekwondo

Front Foot Round House Kick in Taekwondo

Front Foot Round House Kick

This kick is mostly applied to the middle section as it is used when sparring mostly, but it can also be used in self defense. You are required to have appropriate flexibility, speed, and timing.  You can be sideways of in a cat stance or one foot forward. This kick can be applied in the following scenarios:

  • In Sparring to score a point as soon as the opponent gets close.
  • In a Self Defense situation to keep an attacker away from you, to kick his groin or any object he might have in his hand.

Step by Step:

  • As you stand sideways raise your knee and aim the target.
  • Don’t move your torso, just allow the leg to travel hitting the target.
  • If you execute your side kick and add your hip to the move, you will increase the intensity of the kick and the damage.
  • Drop your leg and go back to your current stance.

How to practice this kick

  • Have a partner use a kicking target, do your Round House kick as he comes in. Do a set of repetitions on a stationary stance, then do another one in a fighting stance and lastly one with your opponent moving around you.

  • Always keep your hands up when during and after you kick.
  • When you deliver your kick you must align your knee, hip elbow, and shoulder to allow your energy to properly flow in a single move.

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